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Just tell me that you want me! They barely did. Warner Bros. The public preferred Fleetwood Mac as soft-rockin' comfort food. In a state of exhaustion and addiction, the five-piece papered over the cracks with an apple pie lattice, and saw other people for five years.

Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac - Custom Backing Track MP3

Skip to content Search query All Results. It certainly makes you walk around and think, I have no problems because they have so many. It's going to take so long for many of them to come back to being any sort of normal at all. I imagine some of these people open up more to you than they do to wives or partners because we often open up more to a stranger. Absolutely, because I'm more neutral and at first people told me not to mince words, just go in and ask what happened because they need to tell people and it makes them feel better.

It's like therapy. So I sit there with my big eyes, listening and taking it all in. You try not to burst into tears because that's not going to help, so you put this thin plastic seal up where you can listen and discuss and be a sounding board without getting upset because they are so badly injured. You found that hard the first time?

Very hard. I'd walk into the hallway and cry and then I'd suck it back up and go back, room after room after room. And when you come out they say, and in this room this boy And in this room this girl I started to feel like what it must be like to be a doctor there. The doctors and nurses and techs are astounding. And what the doctors are doing in medical terms is amazing.

Hear Fleetwood Mac’s Early Version of ‘Gypsy’ – STEVIE NICKS

The best place you could possibly be is at Walter Reed. Yet despite seeing all this you have no comment on the war? These are the victims. I can't have an opinion. Why not?

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy {Remastered HQ}

Because I have to be there for them. And anyway, all the people I have talked to are very upbeat about what they were doing and would turn around and go back [to Iraq]. I've never talked to one soldier who wouldn't go back. They tell me stories about stuff that happened directly to them and you sit there with your mouth open. If you made a statement against the war You would not be welcome there. You'd be Jane Fonda. My job is when they get back and are in the hospital, then they are my responsibility.

Them lining up and going is not my responsibility. But when they are back, if I can get a little of that mysterious, childlike innocence thing and give that to them, that's what I can do. I didn't have kids and I can look at them as my enormous group of fantastic children.

You also make healing music? After all that serious stuff, let me ask you a more frivolous question: your style of clothing. About 18 months ago I noticed a lot of young people, driven by fashion houses, were wearing what we might call Stevie Nicks clothes. Did you ever think you'd become a fashion icon? I never did. I thought my clothes were terrific and thought others might think they were fabulous and they loved seeing me wearing them, but I never thought people would go, Oh I'm going to wear that too.

I'm thrilled about it because I'm a fashion nut too. Every magazine I pick up there is something that could belong to me. And people say, That's a Stevie Nicks hat. That is great.

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I still think it's a terrific way to dress. My style fits in to any of the styles even as they change. I just tweak it a bit. That has been a lot of fun for me and I've been with the same designer since Ever worn a pair of jeans? I wore jeans in high school and college, but I don't wear jeans now. I wear pants now, little Janis Joplin-type silky pants. I've never seen a photo of you in jeans. There is one, from about I have that photo. If Levis called you tomorrow with a major contract you wouldn't take it.

Probably not. The one photo of me in jeans I had a horrifying hangover and I couldn't be bothered putting all my stuff on so I just wore my jeans, it was an outdoor show and somebody got it on film. We are delighted you make the effort to dress up. It was the last time you were in New Zealand. I guess you remember that. Oh yeah! The big Fleetwood Mac fight. It has become a thing of mythology that night. I remember it quite well because Lindsey and I got into a fight at the end of the show when I was singing during one of his solos and he threw his guitar at me.

He didn't hit me because I ducked and it missed me. The song ended and we went off stage. It was the only time in our whole existence we did not do an encore. It was as unprofessional as Fleetwood Mac have ever been. Needless to say he was not forgiven for 10 years. We felt bad because so many people were there and had been bussed in from all over New Zealand. And for something that stupid to happen, we were so angry with him. Is what kept Fleetwood Mac together was that anything could happen offstage and be difficult emotionally and personally, but when you got up under the lights you were there for the music and the show?

When you got on stage you were a professional and you rose above your private problems, so that was an unacceptable moment. It's also something now that everybody knows about all over the world. The fight that went around the world. You can't do much in private in front of 60, people. No, you can be loving and emotional and maybe even angry - but you can't let it become what is going on between you. This is an expanded transcript of an interview which appeared in the New Zealand Herald in February , in advance of Nicks' solo concerts in New Zealand.

The original interview appeared at www. Comments are restricted to registered users or subscribers only - make sure you enter an email address this site will recognise. Although he came to attention as a very soft-rocker with his partner Stevie Nicks in the days before they joined Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham was the one in the group whose music was the most Fleetwood Mac were always a band which exploded from within.

Stevie Nicks On Her Favorite Songs: A Music Mix Exclusive

After all, here is the Famous Rock Widow whose husband was gunned down before For very many decades there has been a profitable and important cross-cultural engagement between Western musicians and Indian artists. From the moment people heard George Harrison During the sessions for his excellent country-rock album Tumbleweed Connection an Essential Elsewhere album, see here , Elton John recorded this nine minute version of the menacing and moody As the saying goes, the past is another country - -often a pretty innocent one, and certainly cheaper.

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Tusk, the new wave-influenced follow-up to Rumours, found the band and Buckingham in particular resolutely determined not to just churn out a Rumours retread. But no one was listening, least of all as Mick Fleetwood would later admit the other members of the band. A song so disturbing with its banshee wail and nerve-shredding guitar, that it still beggars belief that it was a top 10 single in Rumours is the definitive break-up album with just about every track chronicling the internal emotional upheaval of the band. The 40 best albums to listen to before you die Show all Chris Harvey.

When Jerry Wexler signed the daughter of a violent, philandering preacher to Atlantic records, he "took her to church, sat her down at the piano, and let her be herself". The Queen of Soul gave herself the same space. Helen Brown. Propulsive polyrhythms drive against the lyrical pleas for us to stop and take stock. Same as it ever was. The album that carried reggae music to the four corners of the Earth and made Bob Marley an international superstar also set the political tone for many artists to follow.

Released outside of Jamaica by Island Records with guitar overdubs and ornamentation, the original Jamaican version is a stripped-down masterpiece. An unprecedented hours of studio experimentation saw George Martin and The Beatles looping, speeding, slowing and spooling tapes backwards to create a terrifically trippy new sound.

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The album was also about an artist taking control over her own narrative, after releasing records that asked the audience — and the press — to like her. Millennials coming at this album can end up feeling like the guy who saw Hamlet and complained it was all quotations. Oh no. Oh no no no no no, no one ever did teen heartbreak quite like the Shangri-Las. But the Shangri-Las sang with an ardour that was so streetwise, passionate and raw that it still reaches across more than half a century without losing any of its power. This compilation captures them at their early Sixties peak.

He may have come to rue his Ziggy Stardust character, but with it, Bowie transcended artists seeking authenticity via more mundane means. It was his most ambitious album — musically and thematically — that, like Prince, saw him unite his greatest strengths from previous works and pull off one of the great rock and roll albums without losing his sense of humour, or the wish to continue entertaining his fans.

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In their brief career, ended by the suicide of year-old singer Ian Curtis, Joy Division created two candidates for the best album by anyone ever. Closer may be a final flowering, but Unknown Pleasures is more tonally consistent, utterly unlike anything before or since. The mood is an all-pervading ink-black darkness, but there is a spiritual force coming out of the grooves that is so far beyond pop or rock, it feels almost Dostoevskyan.

Though her album, Blue, is usually chosen for these kinds of lists, Mitchell surpassed its silvery, heartbroken folk five years later with a record that found her confidently questioning its culturally conditioned expectations of womanhood. The answer to whether Robyn could follow up the brilliance of her self-titled album came in a burst of releases in , the EPs Body Talk Pt 1, Pt 2 and Pt3, and this track effort, essentially a compilation album.

Body Talk is simply jammed with great songs. Produced by Quincy Jones, the sophisticated disco funk nails the balance between tight, tendon-twanging grooves and liberated euphoria. Glitter ball magic. How good can rap get? This good. There are albums where the myth can transcend the music — not on Illmatic, where Nas vaulted himself into the ranks of the greatest MCs in , with an album that countless artists since have tried — and failed — to emulate. Nas used the sounds of the densely-populated New York streets he grew up on. This is the album that changes everything. All electronic dance music starts here.

Kind of Blue is unrepeatably cool. Recorded in just two eight-hour sessions, in which Morrison first played the songs to the assembled musicians then told them to do their own thing, Astral Weeks still feels as if it was made yesterday. An unanswered prayer for a united and forgiving USA. It is the greatest articulation of his alchemic experiments with musical fusion — the sum of several projects Prince was working on during his most creatively fruitful year.

Stitched together with the utmost care, as if he were writing a play with a beginning, a middle and an end, the album is a landmark in both pop and in art. Caught in the psychological undertow of family trauma and all those commercial surf songs, year-old Brian Wilson had a panic attack and retreated to the studio to write this dreamlike series of songs whose structural tides washed them way beyond the preppy formulas of drugstore jukeboxes. Notes pinged from vibraphones and coke cans gleam in the strange, sad waves of bittersweet melody. Weave a circle round her thrice… Joanna Newsom is dismissed by some as kookily faux-naif, but her second album, before she trained out the childlike quality from her voice, may be the most enchanted record ever made.

Producer Hank Shocklee creates a hard-edged sound from samples that pay homage to soul greats such as James Brown and Isaac Hayes, and Flavor Flav gives it an unmistakeable zest. Play loud, alone and after dark. Lauryn Hill raised the game for an entire genre with this immense and groundbreaking work. Its sonic appeal has a lot to do with the lo-fi production and warm instrumentation, often comprised of a low thrumming bass, tight snares and doo-wop harmonies. Why has it taken the world so long to appreciate her? Let England Shake digs deep into the soil of the land, where buried plowshares lie waiting to be beaten into swords.

Boy in da Corner goes heavy on cold, uncomfortably disjointed beats, synths that emulate arcade games and police sirens, and Dizzee himself delivering bars in his trademark, high-pitched squawk. The human vulnerability of her voice and traditional instruments are given an electrical charge by her pioneering use of synthesisers. Thrilling and immersive.

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Desert meets Delta Blues. It can be found in every song on this brilliant track compilation. All the irreplaceable soul voices, from Aretha Franklin to Bobby Womack, were steeped in gospel. This is a great place to hear where they came from. Companion album The Great Gospel Women is a marvel, too. The horrors of drone warfare, paedophilia and global warming are held up to the bright lights in disconcertingly beautiful rage.