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In the "iMessage" row, locate the Apple ID s you want to disable and uncheck them. Ideal Use : you prefer text communications via your phone, and you don't want any iMessage texts or visuals to show up on your Mac. Step 1 : open Preferences in the Messages app as shown in Method 1. In the same window, just click the "Sign out" button next to your Apple ID.

Step 2 : Confirm the operation in the new pop-up asking "Do you want to sign out of iMessage?

Cannot Send or Receive Messages on Your Mac? Fix

That's it. Ideal Use : you are busy working on a project, and don't want to be interrupted by these messages temporarily. But you'll use the app on your Mac later. Step 1 : Launch the System Preferences app. Again, the easiest way is by typing it in Spotlight search bar.

How to delete a user account on MacBook

If you have added it to Launchpad, just click the icon to open the app. Step 3 : Scroll down and locate "Messages" on the left sidebar. Select "None" under "Messages alert style" note: by default, it's on "Banners". I have been an Apple fan for quite a while. No doubt that the company has produced the world's best computers and phones.

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I'm not sure whether Apple is doing this to make its products work more seamlessly. Somehow I dislike some of the new features, one is this iMessage "issue" — it may be useful for other Mac users, not to me.

3 Ways to Turn off iMessage & Stop Messages from Showing on Mac

I think it's more like a distraction. Many other peers have similar feeling, and some even noticed that enabling iMessage actually slows down a Mac. First, you need to make sure you have your iCloud files backed up at all times anyway. We would recommend downloading all your document and desktop files from iCloud and disabling that sync before proceeding. Be sure to keep the files on your Mac when you disable it!

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First, log out of iCloud and Messages. You can also copy the folder to your Desktop if you want to preserve a copy of the cached messages for later. If your device time is incorrect, many authentication processes will fail. This includes Messages. If your time zone is set inaccurately or your clock is manually set to an inaccurate time, you will have all kinds of problems. Apple is happy to do this for you, and you should let them. If you disabled it, set your clock to be automatically managed by Apple. In order to use Messages, you need to have a unique and unregistered Mac serial number.

In many cases, however, you can generate a valid and unused serial number. There are many of them out there: there are far, far more valid serial numbers than there ever will be Macs of a given generation.

Getting that going requires a thorough-going spoof of a real Mac: the full process is far outside the scope of this post. However, you can find a good guide on tonymacx86 or Hackintosher , depending on your preferred methodology, as well as a more recently updated MacObserver post.

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    Method 1: Disable Apple ID from being reached for messages

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