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So use with caution and always make backup. Must a Mac specific graphics card be used? Or can any graphics card i. CFBundleIdentifier com. Would it be possible for you to show me exactly where I'm supposed to input the code? If you could give me some bearings, or even post a screenshot of your own edited files, I'd be extremely grateful. Line Line ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… Line Is this possible?

All on OS X of course. Just verifiy that your soft can use two card and select the right card. I have the problem with a benchmark : he use only the first card. Very cool stuff here! Hi Pierre I upgraded to Mountain Lion, found the files, edited them as instructed and rebooted. However the TB monitor still wont turn on. The manipulation is for use a Thunderbolt external graphic card on a Thunderbolt enabled Mac, not the Thunderbolt Display on every Mac. I have a Late Macbook Pro Retina. Will this work on retina displays? Do we need a external monitor for this set up to work on OSX?

Can you make some recommendations? Is the card not compatible. If anyone could help to clarify: download free trail, open up the software, take a look thru properties if CUDA devices are visible ideally test a scene for light calculation in interior making a printscreen..

The card should show up in the System Report, correct? The only issue I encounter is that the system goes to sleep every few moments when I have got the lid of the MB closed. Is there a work-around for that or do I simply have to leave the MB open? Pierre, the setup you describe will only have a display on the external monitor when it is connected to the external GPU? Will this this also be the case for Macs with more than one thunderbolt port? Thanks so much, Pierre.

That was a very clear explanation. I have more confidence in trying this out now. Not do without it? And it depends of The Mac you uss, and the bridge. You can try the inferno forum or the eGPU forum just serach on Google about it. BPlus PE4L no reset delay 3. After editing the 3 files and rebuilding the kernel cache, everything powered up and is working perfectly. But it was kind of discomforting booting for the 1st time and not seeing anything on the screen until the login screen.

Tristan: That sounds really exciting! Also, how did you manage to fit the double-width, full-length card into the Magma 1T single-slot, half-length chassis , plus the power supply of the 1T is only 65W, did you use an external PSU? The two are similar. Andrew : The Superclocked model. What PSU are you using btw, did you have to short it to get it to work without a motherboard?

Vidock will probably limit the too much. So I took the W. Thanks for the tip about Mavericks and dual-GPU. I have no knowledge regarding CUDA apps etc. Seems you only need watt indeed. You do it once and you leave it on forever, lol. If no need for SLI then you should be okay though.

A reference card is a model not modified by the manufacturer. I have a mac mini , core i7 with 16gb ram. The dock is the Vi Overdrive with a card in it, connected through thunderbolt via sonnet. When booting up the mac loads for a bit and then restarts and if I view through the internal connection it show an error message. This would just loop on an on if left. Hi will a gtx in a vidock connected to sonnet expresscard to thunderbolt connected to a mac mini running When I tried my old HD it worked perfectly. I got this to work on my mac mini, but I get tearing on my monitors connected to the thunderbolt GPU.

Is this expected? Tried restarting after that. I will try the same GPU with my Air and see if it makes a difference. It does the same thing with both my mac mini and my air. Both are running I also tried setting deferredUpdates to 2, still get the tearing. Could it be a GPU issue seems strange? I see the same tearing on all screens connected to the thunderbolt GPU. Very easy to see in fast moving games.

Ok, with three big display, the bandwith is a problem : there is not enough bandwith for 60 Hz with the big definition. With Windows driver, there is compression, but with Mac OS X, i think there is no optimisation for that. Now my eGPU can work, but no sound output via hdmi.

Please help. Thanks, Rick. Does you HD output sound via hdmi? My HD can now output video but not sound. If I do this, performance drastically decreases. I carefully opened the end of one of the slots in the Echo Express to allow the x16 card to fit. I have been struggling with my 3 displays using a USB display adapter. Too much flickering and not returning from sleep.

This new setup is just awesome! Abndrew: Nope. I have not. Been running this since I posted that the other day. I can verify that you can NOT turn off the Echo and turn it back on. It has to stay powered on for it to work correctly. The Mac can put the displays to sleep, system sleep and all restore just fine. Eventually I will be testing a 4th display connected to the thunderbolt pass thru on the back of the Echo.

My guess is that the 4th display may have some lag or just slow performance due to the bandwidth restrictions on the thunderbolt bus, but for my usage, it should be sufficient. CrazyC: thank you for the reply, that is very assuring! You can disconnect it any time you want, but the only way for it to be recognized when plugging it back in is after a reboot. If you were to unplug it while your Mac is sleeping, the change will likely wake the Mac which will recognize the connection change. I have not tested this. It is direct thunderbolt to PCI, no other adapters necessary.

So, after posting my last comment, I had another thought for my own uses and decided to try my Sonnet Echo on my Macbook Air. Everything works exactly the same, no problems. Just as I suspected, the computer detects the bus change and when unplugging the cable it causes a kernel panic and the system crashes. I tested this twice, once with the lid open and again with the lid closed.

With lid open, I put system to sleep, pulled the cable after I was sure sleep mode had activated. The screen then lit up again with the standard Mac crash notification window. A quick reboot and all was well again. I tried with the lid closed too. Verified system was a sleep, pulled the cable, the Apple logo on the back of the lid lit for about 2 seconds and went out again. I plugged the cable back in and opened the lid. My external display came back on as if the system was at the main login screen, but my internal display was dark and the system was locked up. I would have to assume it cause the same kernel panic as it did when the lid was open.

So my testing also proved that you can NOT just pull the thunderbolt cable any time you want. The computer needs to be powered down for it not to cause a kernel panic. Both machines used for testing are running OS X Mavericks I am, so far, very impressed with the whole project and performance. One other note… my previous comment I said Sonnet has a single slot chassis.

Glad I could help Andrew. I am very much enjoying this setup and thought it could help others if I shared my experiences. Count me in as another happy costumer. Currently driving 3 monitors. Has anyone tried this using Parallels on a MAC? I want to get the best graphics card I can to make 3d editing and rendering with a lot of effects in Adobe Premiere and After Effects and eventually cinema 4d. I am wondering 1 if anyone knows if this will work on my machine? Thank you, I am just learning of this graphics capability and love that its a growing thing, I hope apple gets its act together and makes this easier.

My next step will be to test a GTXti, and if that works I should be filling the rest of the slots with it. If not, I will settle for x4 GTX I have a late mac mini, the 2. After searching for a bit i found this site, but i am not very good with computers so pretty much everything most people say just goes through one ear and out the other, so i am wondering: what would i need to upgrade the graphics card, how much it will cost, what would be the best graphics card i could get with enough power to play most if not all games at max settings but not too expensive that i pay so much that i might as well of just bought an iMac and if possible can you explain it with as little technical language as possible since i just wont understand what you are talking about.

Thanks Pierre. Sorry to rush you, but i am desperate to know: how to use an external graphics card using thunderbolt, what i will need to do it, how much it will cost, what graphics cards i would be able to use by doing this and which graphics card would be the best value for the money. Thank you so much this means a lot to me and i really appreciate you answering everything i asked, but i have a few more questions i would like to ask them being: when you said the AMD cards have a graphical bug and you advised us not to use them at the moment, does that still apply or has the bug been fixed?

And my final question is you mentioned the sonnet, the vidock and the BPlus PE4L but which would you recommend i buy? And as for graphics card would the Nvidia GeForce GTX be a good choice, or will the bandwidth or whatever not be good enough? If not what graphics card would you recommend, for the purpose of gaming.

Thank you so much for making this kind of information available, and thank you even more for answering all the questions i have regarding it. Hi, I am Seon. Above all, thank you for your tutorial! It is really hard to find information about this.

Blizzard says private beta tests will operate until the game is released.

I am trying to do this, but there is no change, even though I finished all steps of yours. Do I have to use extra display? On OS X Then it works like a charm! So I tried the nVidia web driver for Not bad I guess… XD. If the card works, you can see him. And go to the console and make a filter on the search fields with IOPCI, to see if the modification are correct.

Vidock 4 plus stopped working after upgrading to OSX And there is a problem with Problem is, my external Monitor is not working with it. Also my monitor is connected via VGA, could that cause a problem? Alright, I found the error. Console isnt giving me any errors anymore. But my external Monitor still isnt recognized.

Any suggestions? So I guess that confirms that VGA is not working. Now, either I find another solution or might have to invest in a new monitor I guess…. This could be a just what I am looking for. Has anyone used this with FCPX? We work from our laptops the majority of our time doing video editing and even with the fastest MBPRs things still get pretty hung up. I also never found a concise answer in the thread. And, can you go dual? Now the monitors are black. After the update, I went back and made all of the recommended changes to the three files again — just like before.

Hi i am seon untill yesterday I used to be egpu system. Yesterday, I updated my mac and then I try to fix my three driver file for egpu. I think all is OK, i have a GT, it works. So is this the GPU that worked for you? Hi, so I got it working.. I use GT … But often times, it would hang and restart………. If there is a problem, you will see lines with iopci and the name of the kext with a problem. You must modified this kext withe the thunderbolt section. Any other thoughts? Actually, I was able to load it up one time.

When I tried to launch app. Then it freezes and restarted. It loads on the log in screen then i-restarts. Kernel Extensions in backtrace: com. IOGraphicsFamily 2. Hi Pierre, Thanks for the great tutorial and also for the great continued support. I hope you can help me and maybe point me in the right direction. Question 1: Have I missed something? Question 2: I no longer have audio from my analogue Out on my MacMini.

Can you please send me the 3 kext file? I just wanted to have a reference. Thank you! Thank you Pierre for your great work. Follow your guide and boot using the external GPU gtx Gizmo, what type of error are you getting? Or maybe because Yosemite is still in beta state? Sometimes in the info. Trying with just a single one edit for each one my computer recognizes the Sonnet Echo Pro but not the Graphics Card. What can I try? Thanks for your help! Email me at chrisprabhu2 gmail. It certainly increases the rendering time vs the software renderer option in Premier. My question: So which graphic card is known to have sleep issues and which graphic card is known to work with sleep function on the Mac?

NVDAStartup, will not load. I installed Yosemite on my Mac Mini today and found 2 extra steps needed to get the external GPU working this time. I will list out what I did below and only reference the original instructions. After installing Yosemite, boot to desktop and open terminal. Close terminal and reboot before doing anything else. After rebooting to desktop, now follow all of the original steps for modifying the 3 kext files needed. I tried a few locations to resolve this and found that we need to add another IOPCITunnelCompatible key before the last in the section that starts with com.

And then make sure you get the extra entry for AppleHDA. I should also mention that I tested out running 4 displays on this setup in Mavericks. For normal use, browsing, videos, etc. I did trying playing a game on one of the Nvidia connected displays but had very low frame rates which made it unplayable. So if anyone is just looking to have lots of apps and windows open at once, maybe watch a video while working, you CAN connect 4 displays to a Mac Mini.

So I found a problem or two with my steps today when I realized that my internal audio components were not showing up under system preferences. After putting the original back, I proceeded to troubleshoot my displays not working AND audio not working if I edited the file as needed for the GPU on thunderbolt. So be warned…. Thanks in advance for any information you can share regarding getting your eGPU kext hack to work on Yosemite. Andrew, open the console app and search the system log for each of the modified kexts to see what it has to say.

You have to have the original, unmodified kexts in place, reboot to make sure there are no errors, THEN enter the dev-mode command. Reboot again, then modify the kexts. What I personally have found that works best is to copy the kexts out of the extensions folder to a folder on my desktop. Make backup copies. Modify a copy of each, delete the originals in the extensions folder and then use kextbeast from tonymacx Pierre, did you just change that within the last couple days?

I could have sworn that it said the AppleHDA. I poked around in all the folders and was being blind to the Controller file.


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Once I modified the right file, it works fine. What I was asking was if you just recently changed the file in your instructions at the top of the page? But that was probably just me missing it. So will it work on Mac os, if so does it have to be a certain version e. So what is the difference in performance for a gtx with a thunderbolt 2 connection instead of a thunderbolt 1 connection.

Has anyone had any issues with the My mac mini with a gtx had previously worked fine with Ignore my prior post! The problem was that my card became unplugged from my PE4L somehow. I have modified the 3 Kext Files Perhaps I did it wrongly. Very interesting article. What i am wondering about is if it is possible to drive a 4k display with 60hz with such a setup? Anybody any insights? With a DisplayPort display, no problem, i have tested. With a HDMI 2. For those thinking about the OS X Search the web for WebDriver Be carfeul.

Yosemite does not like modifying kext it seems. And Ive not been able to boot since doing this in yosemite. Just hangs …spent ages trying to fix. Did you actually get it working? Are there any other steps I need to do? Yeah I had that.

I think I discovered the issues tho. I nano edited one of the kext, and discovered I missed the in one of the entries. I wonder if it hung on reading that point. Wait pierre, so does the gtx work? Hi Just wrote a blog on getting the gtx working in macbook. This page was a big help so Ive linked and credited it in the blog.

I am trying to use it under OS x Could anyone help me with that? Thanks a lot. Bluescreen as 0x I did install the latest Yosemite of 14b25, and I think I have done those kext parts and repair permission parts right and the driver installed successfully. I just thought if I have to use an external monitor? I am trying to fix those these days, it seems not really work, therefore I bought an external monitor and hope that is the key problem. So what kind of reason should be the main problem? Maybe I could give you some pictures that might be helpful.

Thanks Taylor. But with most people I read here, they can see the gppu in the system, but get no picture. Cristian There are three parts should be added code in AppleHDA kext, i guess you must be missing them. Is the file named differently in Lion? Could you give some suggestions? I am soooo sucked by those stuff. Is this true? I have x2 GTX in a TB chassis now and plan to add another 2 more, but that would not be possible due to this limitation.

I have a question about my Is my Graphics Card compatible with my Macbook Pro? If not, then do I have to tweak certain settings as a super user in terminal in order to make it work? Or do I have to upgrade to Yosemite and use the method that you have prescribed? Or do I have to purchase an entirely different graphics card? Today, Intel announced Thunderbolt 3 and they say that thunderbolt 3 officially supports external Graphics Cards, so what do this mean for us with computers with Thunderbolt 1 or 2?

Thanks a lot for the article and your support. Apparently, I got the nVidia drivers correctly installed, as the app appears in the finder menu, but it does not detect the card by thunderbolt. My intention is to use it under OS X, not windows, and my main question is: is it possible? Maybe I have to plug the card at some specific point? Do you have any recommendation?

I do not see any signal in the external display. I hope there is a person who can help me. I am interested in the use of an external graphics card only with Yosemite for work in DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere so I connect an additional monitor to the macbook because, as far as I know, this is the only way to get a performance of my eGPU on Yosemite.

Under the characteristics of my GTX in the information about the system, I do not see any information about the additional display under intel iris — the information about two monitors at once. And when I go to the section About this mac, and then move on to the Monitor tab, I see under the two monitors built-in monitor and additional monitor the information that they are using a video adapter Intel iris internal.

My Akitio is connected to the mac and mac is connected to a second monitor thunderbolt — displayport. When I launched Unigine Heaven on my secondary monitor with default setting I receive maximum frame rate of 25 fps. Here is a link to a photo of my hardware configuration and kext files that I have changed through the application text wrangler. After that, I downloaded automate-eGPU. The system parameters have changed and now in the Monitor tab under two monitors the Nvidia GTX is displayed. However, at the moment of connection the main monitor reacts to it.

And besides the mouse cursor on the secondary monitor began to move with strobe as if the monitor began to show less fps. It looks very bad. And naturally deteriorated image quality as compared with connecting the monitor directly to a MacBook through a Thunderbolt DisplayPort. When I connected the monitor directly to macbook back Thunderbolt-DisplayPort after the action in the terminal without using eGPU, mouse continued move with strobe.

Maybe I made a mistake when typing commands in the terminal. At this time, I had a MacBook attached to external video card and a second monitor via thunderbolt simultaneously. How to remove strobe in the image and haw to make the DisplayPort connectors on the GTX work properly? Please disregard my earlier post.

I neglected to read the rest of your post. Also, how do you enter it at boot? Is there a special keyboard shortcut which brings you to Terminal at boot? It works great and is running on a Nvidia GTX card. Nvidia GTX gpu. Sorry for my English. Windows not find my card. Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Someone should start a kickstarter project!

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Looking back through the comments it seems things are further along than I thought. I just want to ask you guys to please make any fix also compatible with snow leopard. I have actually sustained an RSI as a result of this! Used Windows for decades in IT. Wonder of Apple would fix this in the face of a class-action lawsuit. I just found this article and have been reading the comments as well. I recently bought the Logitech G which is wired and it has the floating feel as well. I tried it on a Windows PC and the cursor movement was absolutely perfect, it felt right.

No floating feeling or anything. The weird thing is I only noticed this because I had to replace a Logitech Performance Mouse MX and when I went to use the new one I immediately felt the floating cursor thing. The best way I found of mitigating this problem is using a mouse with enough DPI to be able to set the Tracking Speed slider to the minimum. I was using a Logitech G but I got rid of it.

I do know that the polling rate on this mouse is higher than hz, which seems to make the cursor jumping issue worse compared to my past Apple mice. I like the shape and look of it. Most of them seem over hyped and over designed.. Only one that i find useable is Logitech Performance MX. And without Logitech drivers. But its not perfect eater. Steelseries has told me that they are releasing OS X-compatible software in September that will allow you to adjust the polling rate of their mice or at least on the Kinzu V2, which is the one I asked about down to hz for better Mac compatibility.

If you like their mice, you might want to check the status of the software in a few months. I settled for Performance MX because of well performance. I heard a rumor that new Apple bluetooth 4 mouse is coming in a week. Cool, man! I have had a G4 Powerbook back in the days and got annoyed to death by this exact problem!

Recently, I went to a apple store — looking into buying a mac again — and checked the exact same problem out and found it still exists :. It gives a really annoying, unnatural feel to using a Mac! Hope you guys can sort this out! I doubt the comments in this post are being heard at apple. If every person who posted a comment had send a complain as well, maybe the problem would have been take care of by now.

This is my first mac ,just spent a wack on it and to have this little problem be such a big problem ,why are they not fixing this I am Pissed!!!!! Hi all: I realy just can recomend to get a Microsoft mouse for the mac. The feeling gets close to the Windows experience, every other mouse so far did not work near as smooth.

Why macOS Mojave requires Metal — and deprecates OpenGL

Hope they fix this error as soon as possible. But if it makes you feel better, good… My office just switched from an old windows system to brand new iMacs with Lion installed. I always assumed it had something to do with my home set up. I bought a Razar mouse when I first set the iMac up thinking it had something to do with the mac mouse.

I bought a special gaming mouse pad with a high speed surface to try to speed things up. Nothing worked. My office Microsoft mouse on a piece of cardboard on my office PC felt smoother and better. The minute I got my new setup running at my office last week I noticed the exact same mouse problem and for the first time realized that the sluggish feeling I had always experienced on my iMac was not a problem restricted to my home set up.

Then I bought a new wired Microsoft mouse. And I even switched my ancient Microsoft wired mouse over to the new iMac. Same problem across the board. Running the mouse across the screen on my ancient windows pc feels so much smoother then running it across the screen on my iMac. I actually ran a mouse across both screens simultaneously. Definite difference. Drawing for hours on end I mostly use the mouse. Not much keyboard use is required for AutoCAD. I do not know how I am going to get used to the difference.

What I am doing most of the day is drawing so this is a real problem. Thanks for the link. I always do complain to the source. I decided to post here to add my voice to this thread because it helped me to find this thread and read about others experiences with the problem as I was beginning to think it was just me. Its very annoying but you get use to it after a while.

It took me about a year to get use to it. So its not that different… For me now it feels almost the same when i work on Mac,but i still notice the difference when i work on Windows computer. But it was painful year. After a week with this very annoying lag in the mouse and researching on the internet, I found out the root cause of my issue. So you have to update the tv for games or computer, something faster! Interesting observation regarding your experience with your Hackintosh. Are you sure mouse movement felt no different when using OS X on that hardware?

My short story : Bought an imac, returned it after a week trying to solve this issue with app, with no success. Damn i really think that mac users who are happy with the mouse are total noobs or never have used windows. I can make my works two times more efficiently and precisely on windows only cause of that!

All I can say for now. No lag and stupid acceleration. Of you have to use mouse try controller mate app where you can draw your own acceleration curve. You can measure all this objectively. I took a few minutes, pulled out my handy high speed camera, and shot some quick video dragging a window around on my windows desktop and my old macbook. I used the same mouse, a Razer DeathAdder, on both systems.

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The PC result was surprising. The mac does tear-free, retrace-synced desktop compositing, which means that a window at the bottom of the screen will always update 14 milliseconds later than one at the top of the screen due to a 60hs scanout. The windows system not running with Aero, which is probably significant here!

This is why you get tear lines while dragging windows, and there were other temporal repainting artifacts visible in the high speed video.

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Again, someone could make a more direct comparison of similarly configured systems and write a real article about the results. It is also possible likely? Macs have always used a logarithmic acceleration curve to determine the speed of the cursor. Windows does not by default. This leads to native Windows users believing the mouse on Macs feels slow and sluggish where as a native Mac user finds the Windows mouse behavior to fast and overly sensitive.

Dae fits into the former category. Rather than doing what the rest of us have done and naturally adjust to the difference, Dae has gone on a personal crusade to make the mouse behavior on Macs behave just like it does on Windows. That does not mean it does not exist. Unlike acceleration, lag when I say lag I imply a delay between physical movements and on-screen changes is a big problem, not just a matter of preference.

Imagine a pen with ink which appears after minutes. Do you think it would be as easy for a child to learn writing with such a pen compared to a normal pen? Or perhaps better example. I first noticed this while download a 1. If you use a wired mouse it will go away entirely. Helo Chris H , good Day.. Pingback: Slow Mac? No Problem! G3 is EOL unfortunately. I also noticed a change between a Logitech M wireless and the more cheaper M wired mouse. For the latter, the lag is still there but it is more bearable, actually I am using it for simple pointing tasks.

Panta, are you really sure? Disabling beam sync should allow you to test this. I like all the points you made. And I use a crappy A4Tech wireless not Bluetooth mouse. If your computer is fine, than fine. Most, if not all of us here love macs too. Your comments are overly critical towards people who are just trying to make their computer experiences better. Almost makes me wonder if mouse handling is part of the main thread which starts to degrade when the system is under load?

People who contribute to the forum will get early access to the beta version of SmoothMouse for OS X. I switched to mac from pc some months ago and the lag has been driving me crazy. I thought it was because their macs was older but no, my brand new maxed out MBA 13 has the same issues. I use the mouse only in Logic pro where i need precise movement to trim regions and similar fiddly operations. Anyone with the same experience? How does the problem affect you? Share you thoughts. I actually just thought of something.. It was much better on my wrist after long long hours..

Skip to content. Home About. More information to follow. Use SmoothMouse. This entry was posted in Bugs and tagged mac mouse problems , macos. Bookmark the permalink. November 25, at Rush says:. February 6, at Charlie HockeyBias. Bob Farandover says:. February 8, at April 1, at Jeremy Hitchcock says:. Damir says:.

June 8, at Ditto says:. Please read most of the blog. Soulplayer says:. May 7, at Igor says:. November 26, at Dae says:. Last post. November 29, at Martin Williams says:. December 8, at Stephane Bouvet says:. December 20, at June 18, at PointLuck says:. July 14, at August 10, at There should be no lag even when using a Mac as server and another Mac as a client.

Ian says:. December 29, at Gustavo says:. January 8, at January 12, at You will have the windowserver level lag with any mouse in Mac OS X. Moa says:. January 15, at Thanks for your post about this issue, probably saved me a lot of headache! Stephane says:. January 16, at February 2, at Andreas says:. Dae, Could you provide some links or articles about how the lag was recognized as 32 ms?

Is there a bug report somewhere? Where does the Apple engineer confirm the problem? Information like that would be helpful, thanks. I updated the post. Nick F. February 4, at Ryan says:. You nailed it right on the head. Apfeleimer says:. Antony says:. July 17, at Matthijs says:. Sean says:. February 7, at Eugene says:. The difference could be larger than that. But surely I can notice it the next few seconds after I start using the OS. Rob T says:. I design software all day long, and never take my hands off the keyboard. Does a two frame lag really matter? Aaron Jackson says:.

Mayson Lancaster says:. In system preferences, in Trackpad, more gestures, turn off the first one swipe between pages. Never noticed a mouse lag. I never play computer games. Can you please explain in detail how this lag manifests itself? John Adams says:. I said that it is less suited, but certainly not useless. Alejandro says:. Thanks Dae for posting and going on a quest to fix this.

Terlisimo says:. I hate you. Stuart says:. I exclusively use macs through VNC because of this. July 6, at Yehat says:. ElricVIII says:. Nick says:. Thoris says:. April 16, at We definitely would use any help , especially from: — Geeks. Anh-Kiet Ngo says:. May 22, at I have a limited understanding of OS, so I doubt I can be of any help to you. Orion Edwards says:. Michael Brian Bentley says:. Miles Jacob says:.

Could you please elaborate about lag in and PS3? Eric Ripa says:. Nerfgun says:. Nothing annoys me more than lag in OS X. Forest says:. August 14, at Dominik says:. Daedalus, is it possible that some mouses do NOT have this problem? Is this the problem? Anentropic says:. February 9, at Try doing micro movements, like selecting 3 letters out of a word or something. Fox says:. September 15, at Per says:. February 12, at Hi, Im used to linux and windows and bought my first mac yesterday. February 13, at This message contains the word apple, do you like to send me now all your money? February 20, at February 22, at I wish you to fix that bug soon!

I cant even move the mouse in a small cycle in OSX. February 24, at Will it be usable for games and so on? There is no exact date. February 26, at Eric Muyser says:. March 18, at Martin says:. March 21, at Jordan says:. March 22, at Niclas Hansson says:. Thanks for your work on fixing this issue so far. March 31, at Matt says:. April 13, at April 7, at Ritesh says:.

April 12, at Winston says:. April 18, at April 24, at Joe says:. April 25, at Its affecting anything that runs OS X. Its there also on Hackintosh…. Nauris says:. Jay says:. April 30, at Jasso says:. May 1, at Jack says:. Is there any update on the fix? I am glad to have found other people with the same problem :. May 2, at May 3, at Dan says:. May 6, at Roee says:. May 8, at May 9, at DY says:. May 11, at May 16, at I just have to get used to this? Jimd says:. May 27, at Jeff Waugh says:. June 1, at Did anyone have the chance to try out mountain lion?