Change default date format in excel for mac

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Go ahead and try some different decimals. You have at least three different ways to apply a date format.

Change Date Formats in Excel As per your Country Location (Easy)

Perhaps the fastest is to select a cell or cell range, and then click the Home tab of the Ribbon. Excel has many more built-in date formats, which you can apply by displaying the Format Cells dialog by pressing Command-1 and then clicking the Number tab. You can also display the Number tab of the Format Cells dialog by clicking the Home tab on the Ribbon.

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  • Then click the pop-up button under the Number group title and choose Custom from the pop-up menu. When the Format Cells dialog displays, select the Date category.


    Change the date format in Excel

    Choose a Type from the list. Choosing a different Location language or Calendar type changes the date types offered.

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    • Learn More. Under the Category , press Custom now and towards the right side, you should see Type with various options. Either choose a format from the available list or enter the formatting code as required in the text box under Type. If you need to display dates in the short or long format with default settings, you may do it by following this:.

      3 Ways of How to change date format in Excel? (14 date formulas)

      For that, I chose the above example dates that were formatted in the custom format see the last graphic :. Now, go to the Home tab and in the Number group, click the Number Format box as shown below:. The TEXT function takes two arguments as shown below:. The TEXT function for formatting dates can particularly be useful if you want to keep the original date column in place and displaying another date-set based on those dates.

      Auto Update the Date

      The corresponding B cells will display the dates in full month name, day and year in four digits format. After you get the result in B2 cell by writing the above formula, bring the mouse over the right bottom of the B2 cell.

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      The Excel will update the corresponding A cells with respect to B cells automatically. The following example displays the dates in day with leading zero , short month name and year in two-digit format. See the example below where day name Sunday, Monday etc. The TEXT function is more than formatting dates; this is just one usage that I explained in above section. Let us get more comfortable with date formatting and create more useful text strings as a result of joining different cells with constant literals. In the example below, column A contains Names and column B date of births.

      As we have seen in the custom date formatting example, you can display Locale specific date style. You may also specify the language code in the TEXT function for displaying dates based on locales. Following is the list of language codes that you may use in the TEXT function for locale-specific date formatting:. The Birth Date is stored in A column. The C column displays the formatted age in years, months and number of days.